Repair thy heart, take no more than seven days.


It was the last time she was going to see him, or rather, stalk him. She had promised herself that.
As she entered his name in the search box she secretly prayed to encounter an error. She secretly wished that he had blocked her because she didn’t know if she had the strength to look at his pictures, for the last time.
She promised herself 5 minutes and as the profile opened, she prayed to not see a picture of him and his love. It would tear her apart to see him with someone, in the place she had been a week ago, before he let her go.
There were recently uploaded pictures on the account, and exactly what she dreaded.
The picture came across the screen and there were her worst fears, all in front of her eyes.
She could feel this lump in her throat and soft sobs in her chest. It was just a week ago that she held his hand and they made love. She could feel pain in her chest, slight but unnerving, as if her heart ached. Through the billions of arguments, she knew the feelings he had for her were real. But seeing him move on, and in seven days, she knew it was an illusion, just an episode.
All along she believed the love was real and to have your only consolation broken down into a million fragments, that shook her.

With a last look at the picture, his wide smile that stopped her heart each time, she closed his profile.
That night she went to bed with a heavy heart.
Now she needed to move on, because love as the wise say, isn’t about conquering.
She needed to move on in seven days, the way he did.

(Wrote this in under 3 minutes and publishing a crude form of it. But I think that’s how it needs to be.)



Love me, again.


“I promise to love you forever.”

I held on to those words. Through the fights, the arguments, the backlashes, the days we went without talking to each other. The days we spent 200 kilometres away from each other. The days we couldn’t have a conversation because either of us had a bad day, or a tiring one. The days we had crappy signals and FaceTime couldn’t work. The nights I spent crying.
I held onto the good memories, the late night conversations and the I-love-you’s when I felt weak. And I cried, shed a million tears when I felt like it because it made me feel closer to you. I remember how you said my cheeks turn red when I cry and how you fell in love with that.
I remember you telling me to call whenever I felt like crying and how I found it stupid. Today, it’s something that’s making me stay. I’m holding on to our conversations today, those conversations. The million times we argued, and those phone calls specifically dedicated to scolding me. The calls where both of us just kept quiet. Those calls have been my favorite part of our journey. I listened to your slow deep breathing on those calls. Sometimes,I can replay those moments in my head.
I don’t know if this is the end of our journey. We may or may not talk tomorrow. Or the day after. Or maybe we don’t ever talk again.
I wish, though, I could tell you one last thing.
Could we start afresh and fall in love again?


Only if I could unravel his mystery.


He was one of those people you couldn’t stop looking at once you did. His smile could just tear you away. He was one of those who stole your breath away. Those who hid their cruel stories behind their eyes. He hid them very well, deep, where no one could find them. He wasn’t happy, his eyes could shake you up with sadness.
If only someone could be a part of his secrets.



Sometimes I feel a sudden urge of being at the beach. It’s in those stressful moments of life that I really want some time by myself by the sea.
The waves, the sounds, the smell of the sea water. The endless sky. The wide horizons. The sunsets. Beaches are happiness to me! I couldn’t be sad with nature enclosing me in such a way. The calmness of the place soothes me so well. The sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks calms me down. The smell of the seawater and the algae in it, it is a pleasant feeling. The cool breeze that blows, it rejuvenates me.
Just one evening at the beach, that’s all I need.
Ah I wish I lived by the seas!



I feel her poetry
The waves sing to me
Calm down
They tell thee

Sounds that linger
In minds thereafter
I feel her poetry
The waves sing to me

The high tide
Trying to conquer
The rough sea
Smiles to thee
I feel her poetry
The waves sing to me

Bring in a new dawn
Everytime they crash the shore
Inspiring me
In manners untold
My heart resonates with each
I feel her poetry
The waves sing to me.